CORONAVIRUS Latest Club Status

The Green is now closed for the Season.  Thanks to all who have been playing bowls at the club this summer for following our Covid safety protocol; we hope that the protocol made them feel safe whilst at the club and that they appreciated our attempt to offer bowling opportunities throughout the summer.

Obviously at this time we have no idea how the future will unfold but we will be trying to provide some limited winter activities in the Clubhouse whilst following Government guidelines very strictly. Unless the situation changes significantly for the better by April next year then, as a minimum, we intend to run the ‘Corona’ League and maybe a restricted Club Competitions programme as this year.

We are also looking to extend our Rink Booking system so that it can be used for members to sign up for any Events that may be run during the winter without having to visit the club to sign up – details to follow in due course.

Remember that system is accessed from this web-site by either clicking on the following ***Rink Booking link*** or selecting the Rink Booking dropdown from the Fixtures & Comps menu tab on the Navigation bar on the top of this page.

The Corona Mixed Singles League competition, run by Gary Fisher has now finished. More information on how this competition finished and the results and Divisional winners of each Session  of can be found by clicking on the following: Corona Mixed Singles League Any comments or suggestions for improvement of that League are welcome – don’t be backward in coming forward!

Club Competitions 2020: A limited Club Competition Programme was run this year, see 2020 Internal Competition drop down from the Fixtures & Comps tab.  The Finals were held on Saturday 26th September – scroll down this page to see the results.

The Club scene as we prepared for Start Up Saturday 23rd May 2020 with our new 30ft car park banner is shown below.






The video below briefly walks you through some of the ‘Covid19’ measures  introduced to permit a resumption of bowling at the club.



Further info on Bowls England activities can be obtained from their web site or by subscribing to their YouTube channel which they have launched as part of its commitment to inform and entertain its members. This provides Bowls England with a one stop shop for all its multimedia content where you will find the ‘Extra End’ Podcast, ‘Keep Active’ videos and other audio-visual content.

To receive notification when any new content is uploaded, simply subscribe to the Bowls England channel by visiting:

Please all keep in touch with each other and offer support wherever possible providing it’s safe to do so.

Thinking of you all



100 Club Draw 

October 2020

1st prize – Nanette Paine (118)

2nd prize – Jackie Healy (126)

3rd prize – Sue Batchelor (53)

Lesley Brown carried out this draw at home (with David’s help) using an official random number generator  web-site. She took a screen photo of the numbers drawn and sent copies of that to our Treasurer and Secretary;  she will forward a copy to anyone on request.
It looks like this will be the method used by Lesley until further notice.

A reminder that subscriptions for the coming year (£12 per number per year) became due on August 1 – Lesley will be chasing you!!!

We are striving to find a reduced set of winter activities that we can hold in the Clubhouse whilst strictly adhering to Government Guidelines. We are conscious that members might appreciate a safe opportunity to get out during the cold months.

Currently planned are: a Daily Skittles programme between November and early December and then a Daily Darts programme in February and March.

For further information contact Kevin Clarke ( or 07841 371943 – evenings only please).

 Members & visitors health and well-being is our  No. 1 priority.

 About our Club

We are a lawn green bowling club based in central Berkhamsted, providing a highly popular and skilful game for all ages and abilities to enjoy.

We encourage all ages, abilities and sexes to come and play, try our new equipment, meet our friendly members and enjoy a new experience.

It’s a perfect game for sharing with others, making new friends and helping to improve your health.

We are across the bridge from Waitrose next to the play park.

For more details click  Join Us Now >>> or phone the Secretary Christine on 07796 178040 or 01442 873413.


The Club is actively seeking sponsors. If you would be interested in supporting or sponsoring the club then please visit Sponsorship in the CLUB INFO menu.

Club Clothing

We now have a full set of new club clothing with the ZOTI logo. These items can be obtained from Brian Ralphs (07837 466531). To see what’s on offer click here.


Club Competitions – 2020

Only a limited ‘one-off’ Competition Programme comprising Mens Singles, Mens 2-Wood Singles, Mens Pairs and the Pedlow Trophy ( Open Australian Pairs) was held this year. The Finals of which took place on Saturday September 26. 

Mens Singles: 
Winner: Jack Bunting  (left)
Runner Up: Chris Gray
Mens 2-Wood Singles: 
Winner: Jack Bunting (left)
Runner Up: Toby Bunting 
Mens Pairs:
Winners: Conor Hawkins & Tony Howard 
Runners Up: Philip Bunting & Tony Smart
Pedlow Trophy (Australian Pairs):
Winners: Conor Hawkins & Toby Bunting
Runners Up: Jackie Healy & Brian Ralphs

Further information is on our 2020 Internal Competitions page.




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