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Automated Irrigation System Replacement Bid

Our water tank, pump and irrigation system failed towards in September. Since then a few members have been painstakingly watering the green by hand to enable the seed planted at the end of September to germinate. The cost of a new system is going to be in the region of £8000.

Brian Ralphs, our Men’s Captain, submitted a bid to the Aviva Community Fund for a grant and this has been accepted to go live on their website. What this means is that we now have to get votes from anyone who is resident in the UK with an email address, friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who knows you.

To vote follow the guidelines below. Registration and voting should take no more than about 5 minutes.

The best way to find & support our entry is to:

(1) Select the link https://community-fund.aviva.co.uk/voting/project/view/4-2580; this gives more details of the project that Brian submitted.

(2) Register

(3) Type Automated Irrigation System Replacement in the Search Projects box

(3) Alternatively type Berkhamsted in the “Find Projects Nearest To” box

(4) Allocate all 10 votes to this project.

(5) Tell everyone else you know to do the same.

(6) Have a drink to calm your nerves as you wait for the result!

Please make sure that you use the link to connect and cast all your 10 votes for our entry.

Also make sure that you share this link with all of your family and friends, in fact anyone in the UK who you can convince to take a few moments to vote for this important cause. Without a bowling green we do not have a bowling club, without a bowling club we would all be in a very dark place, so let’s make sure we help restore the irrigation system that has failed. It’s a critical need!


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