Corona Mixed Singles League


2020 Corona Mixed Singles League

To provide another form of ‘competition in these ‘unprecedented’ times when there are no external matches or competitions, an ‘informal’ Mixed Singles League is taking place between June 29 and the end of our season, currently 4th October 2020. This is in addition to our annual Competition programme, a decision on which is currently being determined in consultation with the playing membership.

25 members have ‘signed-up’ for this Mixed Singles League; these members have been initially divided into 5 leagues of 5 members. The composition of the leagues throughout the competition and the results to date can be seen by following this link: Corona League Singles Leagues & Results. To book a rink to play a match click on the following link to the Rink Booking page.   

A reminder of the format and the rules of the competition follows:


Session 1 of the league will run from Monday 29 June to Sunday 12 July.

Session 2 will start on Thurs 16 July till Sunday 2 Aug.  (18 Days)

Session 3 will start on the following Thurs for 18 days: 6 Aug to 23 Aug

Session 4 will start 27 Aug and run to 13 Sept.

The first session was fully booked and anyone else wanting to play in subsequent sessions will be put on a waiting list. If four or five players are on the waiting list, another division will be added at the bottom with these names for the next session.

Winner of each game will be the first to 16 points  

Winner will receive 3 league points and loser 0.  Exception: If loser scores 12 or more points in the game, they receive one league point.

eg  Game ends with score 16 – 13.  Winner gets three points and loser gets one point.

Winner and runner-up of each divisions will be promoted to the next higher level with the two lowest players demoted to the next lower level.

Winner is decided by league points.  If a tie, then by shot differences, if still tied, the result between the two players is counted

eg  Both players have 10 points with a 14 shot difference.  Player A beat player B in their match, so player A would be the winner of the division.

There are 5 players in five divisions, so each player will play 4 matches in the two week period.

As there are no home or away games each player must arrange their own matches.

All matches must be played by the last session on the last day.

NOTE: In the event that two players cannot agree a date to play a match they must play it on the final day of each league programme.  If, for whatever reason,  the match does not take place in the allotted time, both players will not score any league points or shots.

Players initially are encouraged to arrange matches in the afternoon or evening slots, as to not interfere with the separately arranged ‘roll-up’ matches.

Match rules

Having a marker will be optional. He/she is only there to answer questions or settle any close calls. Players must agree as normal, including the use of a measure, if required.  

Each player will have their own jack, and each end will be played using a roaming jack.

Coin toss winner has the option of playing first or second. First player will roll up the jack as close to the centre line as possible, but still maintaining minimum and maximum lengths.

End to be played where jack settles, NOT CENTRED by anyone.  If the jack is not within the specified boundaries, the second player will cast his jack. If this is a legal cast, then the first jack is picked up and discarded.

On completion of end, both players will determine shots scored and winner of end will cast their jack as previously. Make sure the jack not used is carried to each end available for casting, if needed. Thus, players will always cast their own jack.

Any player who cannot play an agreed match will forfeit and get zero league points and a 4 shot decrease in their total shots.  Winner of match to get three league points and a plus 4 shot difference.

Scoreboards can be used – one player will operate the scoreboard throughout and sanitise after. (This makes it easier for both players and spectators).

Visiting the head is allowed – only after two bowls have been bowled by each player

Jack maximum length – a jack lying within two metres of the green edge must be moved back two metres from the edge on the line it finished before play (not centred, but put back to its maximum legal length).

On completion of a match the winner must send the result to the League organiser (Gary Fisher). All disputes or queries must also go through Gary.

There will be a nominal fee of £2 per player to help cover the cost of prizes, this will be added to next years competition fees.

Dress code is informal with appropriate footwear.

Please use the time from now to arrange matches and book rinks.

Gary will endeavour to keep this up to date from the results sent to him.

If there are any more players who would like to join in the next session?  Gary has one already but there is plenty of room for more.  The next session will start on Thursday  16 July 2020.  This will give everyone 18 days to play their games. Contact Gary for more information.



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