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Dress code guidelines for our members

Our 2013 members model some strips

Our members model some strips

Weekend Friendly Matches.

–  White/Brown or Grey bowls shoes, flat with no heels.

–  White regulation Men’s trousers or Ladies white regulation skirts/trousers.

–  Club Maroon & Gold Tops. (Cost £20.00)


Midweek daytime/ evening friendly matches & Club competitions.

–  White/Brown or Grey bowls Shoes, flat with no heels.

–  Grey regulation Men’s trousers or Ladies Grey regulation skirts/trousers.

–  Club Maroon & Gold Tops. (Cost £20.00)


District and County Matches & Competitions.

Dress is as dictated by the relevant organisation but Club Maroon & Gold Tops must be worn.


Club Rollups (practice)

–  Smart casual clothing with correct Bowls Shoe


Dress code during Recruitment and Promotional drives

During any recruitment drive, with members of the public trying out Bowling with a view to joining as playing members, it is permitted for them to wear Flat soled Trainers with no heels (ribbed trainers are not permitted and Club loan shoes should be worn). The same applies to any Corporate function we may organise.


Other clothing that can be worn for matches include :      

  • Club Maroon & White Waterproof Jacket (with hood & your name emboidered) – Cost: £35.60
  • Club Maroon & White Showerproof Jacket (with Emb name) – Cost: £35.60
  • White Waterproof Trousers & Skirts
  • Mens White Jumpers
  • Ladies Maroon Zip Fleeces – Cost: £5 (only a few remain)
  • Gold Polo Shirts for Juniors (currently supplied free by Club)

Many more Mens items are now available in Club Colours, Body warmers, Caps/Hats etc and can be ordered from:

  • Alan Jones
Note: A catalogue will soon be placed on the clubhouse notice board with an order form which Alan is happy to administer and order, if there are any takers!


Equipment for use

The following equipment is currently available for all our members to use. Please respect anything you use and always return it to its rightful home at the club. If any equipment is to be used outside our club permission from a Club Officer must be obtained first and signed for in the loan book.

22 sets of coloured woods (sizes 00 to 3), 12 sets of black woods (in all sizes), 12 yellow & 12 red delivery mats, 28 bowls carriers,1 set of new age bowls,12 diamond target mats, various sets of brown bowls shoes, 7 scoreboards, 2 measures, 40 coaching cones, two fun targets for circuit bowls, 12 mesh nets to protect green, 20 white & yellow jacks


NEW Equipment in 2016, further help for disabled Bowlers


We now have:

– Bowling arms for players with disabilities or who struggle to get low down when delivering

– A rubber ferrule especially designed for walking sticks so ordinary sticks can now be used on the green without incurring damage

– A bowls and jack lifter to aid players picking up their equipment on the green

– Red & blue lollipops to help visually impaired or deaf players see who is holding shots

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