To keep in touch with our members, some of whom have hardly made any visits to the Clubhouse since March 2020 owing to shielding, self-isolating from Covid etc, the Committee decided to prepare a Newsletter, which hopefully gives a reasonable summary of the efforts made to keep some club activities going during the restricted times.

The November newsletter can be opened by clicking here. It is hoped to be able to continue with such communications until such times as members are able to resume Clubhouse activities and see notices posted onto the relevant Notice Boards.  If you have comments. opinions or suggestions for items that you think would interest fellow Club Members then please send them to the Club Secretary, Christine Sims, for passing onto the Editorial Board!  Christine can be contacted via:, o7796 178040 or 01442 873413.

For a copy that can be viewed in a separate page or can be printed click here.



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