*** IMPORTANT: For 2021, until further notice, some sessions will be designated as ‘Sign Up required’ – this is primarily to restrict the number of players on the green in any session to comply with current Covid restrictions.  For those familiar with the 2020 system, this entails a small change to the procedure (Instructions are given towards the bottom of this page)***

Currently we have available to book: 4 rinks per session and 4 sessions each day (except for Fridays) these are 10:00 – 12:00; 12:30 – 2.30; 3.00 – 5.00 and 5:30 – 7.30. To give all who want to play a chance, we ask that you do not book more than 3 sessions in a week  – (once we see how this pans out we will hopefully be able to relax this). 

The booking calendar has been set up such that any attempt to book overlapping periods on a specific rink or in the changeover periods will not be allowed. If the entries are too difficult to read then you can change the view being shown from the drop down menu immediately to the left of the blue button with three white bars.

Members are allowed to ADD bookings ONLY  – NOT To Modify or Delete entries.  {This isbecause, when first introduced, it was too easy for members, inadvertently, to change existing bookings}

If you need to Modify or Delete any entries, have any difficulties, require advice  or just want to make comments on the system, please contact Paul Sims 07900 638229 or

Detailed instructions to book a rink are given below the calendar and, when required to sign up to an existing booking, at the bottom of the page.

***IMPORTANT: The TOTAL number of players on the green in ANY ONE SESSION shall not exceed 20 with a MAXIMUM number allowed  on any rink of 6 ***.


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Instructions to book a Rink.

Step 1.  There are a number of different display modes in the calendar (Tabs at the top of the calendar) but leave it in the default ‘4-Days’ view – it should show the current week.  If you want a different week go to the week indicated, click on the arrow at the right hand side and it should bring up a normal date calendar – choose the date you want and that week should now be shown.  
Step 2. Click in the calendar – preferably on the day/time slot that you are interested in booking a rink but not on any existing entry; this will bring up a separate dialogue box (as shown in the screenshot below).


In that box ignore/delete/change anything that may already be offered (it may not be the date/time you want!) then:
    •  click in the ‘Put here: Rink etc’ box and type in the Rink Number you are interested in booking, the type of booking viz. Singles, Pairs or Triples e.g. Rink 1: Singles; Rink 2: Pairs, Rink X: Triples
    • Move to the ‘From’ and ‘To’ boxes and select the day and the time that you want to book from the dropdown options (make sure the times correspond to one of the daily sessions (viz: 10:00 – 12:00; 12:30 – 2.30; 3.00 – 5.00 ; 5:30 – 7.30)
    • Move down to the ‘Description’ box and type in the names of the players on this rink – needed for any Track & Trace purposes
    • move down to the ‘Calendar’ section and in the box shown delete or ignore anything there, then click in that box to bring up the rink options (6 shown above); click on the Rink No. you are booking from the four options.  {Note: Even though you have put the Rink Number in the Title, it is necessary to select the correct rink here.}
    • then move down to the ‘Contact Name’ box and enter a Name and, optionally, contact information
If your entry is questioned by the system – please check everything that you have entered carefully and amend accordingly; likely candidates are an incorrect date and/or time.
Step 3. Finally click on the green SAVE button at the top right of the box to save the entry. The details you have just entered should then be shown in the calendar – JOB DONE!


Instructions to sign-up to an Existing Booking when required.

When a calendar entry requires members to sign up for that rink/match or Event follow the steps below.

Step 1.  Click on the Calendar entry requiring Sign up; this should bring up a Dialogue Box similar to the one shown in the screenshot below


Step 2. Either click on the blue SignUp button at the top right OR on the underlined Sign up text at the foot of the box (the latter shows the sign up deadline too) – both do the same thing!!! Also shown there is a number: viz N/20 – N members have already signed up out of the maximum number allowed to sign up (20 shown but this is variable and set by the event/match organiser).

Step 3.   A new small dialogue box appears asking for Full Name & Email address – these may have text in them from a previous signee – delete anything that you may see. Then enter Your name;  an e-mail address is not necessary so leave blank if you wish.  Then click the blue SAVE button. The small dialogue box should disappear; your name has been saved and it should then appear in the list of Names at the bottom of the big dialogue box.  Finally close that large dialogue box by clicking the X in its top right hand corner.

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