Feb 072016

Broadwater Access Road – We have been informed by Dacorum Borough Council they will be closing the road for five days from Monday Feb 22nd to carry out repairs to it. This will involve digging some of it up completely and relaying it along with some widening and patch repairs where needed. Whilst delighted at the news we realise this will impact on some of our regular social events. After discussions with all concerned we have cancelled all regular social events being held at the Clubhouse like Bridge & Whist etc

We are sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment but we feel certain everyone would happily give up one week of inactivity to get a decent road laid.

The contractors will allow some transport down if really required but nothing that is of a casual nature. Of course there is nothing to stop any member using the Clubhouse still provided they come on foot !DSCF0193-001

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