Aug 262016

A very enjoyable 6 Mixed Triples Rinks match against a Disability Bowls England (DBE) Team took place at the club on Wednesday 24th August 2016.  Members of the DBE team came from many different parts of the country – Torquay, Brighton, Canvey Island, Warwick, St Albans and Milton Keynes to name a few; this showed their enthusiasm and literally the lengths they would go to for a game of Bowls.

We were treated to a very warm afternoon, may be a shade to warm for some, but this made for a convivial and competitive, but friendly, atmosphere. The match result didn’t matter, the real result was seeing and appreciating the levels of skill shown by our visitors, particularly those with significant disabilities. To combat the warm temperature the match had a ‘half-time’ allowing all to re-hydrate to ensure there were no medical casualties!

After the match our guests were treated to ‘Berkhamsted hospitality’  – drinks and meal cooked by some of our  Lady members led by Jackie Cormack. All agreed that it had been an excellent day and one which we hope might become a regular fixture in both of our calendars. DBE did ask that if we know of Bowlers with disabilities who would like to join them, then could we make them aware of their web-site and encourage them to become involved in promoting and playing ‘disability’ bowls. We support this initiative and encourage all to spread the word.

Some images of the afternoon follow:



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