Jun 082016

The club is pleased and proud to announce two events on the coming week.

The first is that the club will be using the match on Saturday 11th June (this Saturday!!!) against Harperbury to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. There is a full green (i.e. 6 rinks of mixed fours) and players are being asked to participate in the colours of red/white and blue instead of the tradition Saturday afternoon white. We’ll see what masters of creation emerge from the players!. Before the ‘main event’ at about 2:30 all players and interested spectators will be encouraged to take part in an entertaining ‘spider’ competition whereby for the princely sum of £1 and a single wood (begged, stolen or borrowed!)  they will bowl to see who can get their wood nearest to a central target made from Union Jacks! Waterloo will have nothing on that battle!

The second is that on Wednesday 15th June the Club is hosting a ‘star-studded’ team from Bowls England and their top officials as part of our award as 2015 Bowls England Club of the Year. Again a full green of activity is promised and lets hope that we can all be on top form to secure the narrow victory and deliver the hospitality that we want to see. It promises to be an exciting and prestigious day and we will be doing our utmost to live up to the accolade won last year.

Lets hope the weather will be kind to us and, if you are not playing, we would be very pleased to see you around the green giving your support to both of these occasions.



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