Sep 282016

The final friendly match of the season for Berkhamsted was against Wendover which Berkhamsted won by 125 shots to 80. The top rink was Carole Dunn, Paul Sims and Del Root. Later in the week the Club Under 18’s challenged the Ladies to a match which the Ladies won.

On Sunday, in the Club’s last big day of the playing season, the theme for President’s day was the Olympics with all twelve triples teams being named after sports. In a gala style format all teams played three matches with the Sailing team of Maws Smart, Harvey Marum and Kevin Clarke edging out the Rowing team. All players enjoyed an Olympic Quiz after accompanied by a gold medal meal.

The Olympic Jack is placed in position ready to start President's day at Berkhamsted

The Olympic Jack is placed in position ready to start President’s day at Berkhamsted

Prior to the start of Presidents Day, many of the Dacorum Charity Shield 2016 Winning squad were pictured with the Shield – held by Ladies Captain Carole Dunn; unfortunately not all of the squad were able to be present.



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