Jul 292019

Unfortunately Berkhamstead had two matches cancelled by the opposing teams due to the exceedingly hot weather this week. However, two stalwart teams from Berkhamsted and Potten End braved the hottest day on Thursday to play their Dacorum Charity Shield fixture.

After an energy draining match Berkhamsted won 2 matches but lost the Men’s Match by 13 shots to 15; the team was  Jack Bunting, Tony Smart, Ken Maynard and Tony Howard. The Women’s team of Carole Dunn, Janice Murgatroyd, Anne Cutting and Jackie Cormack won 33 shots to 17. The Mixed team of Sarah Marshall, Kay Lingwood, David Sear and David Brown won 22 shots to 17. This meant Berkhamsted won overall by 4 Points to 1.

Later in the week Berkhamsted ladies won through to the semi final of the District Jubilee Cup. They defeated Herts ladies by over 10 shots. The Berkhamsted team was Carole Dunn. Anne Furlong Jackie Cormack. Sarah Marshall. Lesley Brown. Kay Lingwood and Liz Temple”

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