Jul 242017

Berkhamsted visited Cheddington BC in a 4 rink friendly match which ended in a draw with each side achieving 66 shots; Berkhamsted claim the moral win with two winning rinks against Cheddington’s one and one drawn. Top rink for Berkhamsted were Sheila Fountain, Gill Howells, Derek Sandford and Paul Mackness.

Gill Howells was part of the winning team against Bushey in the second round of the W&D 2 wood triples competition, she was joined by Liz Baker and Noreen Codina in their 19/15 win, Again on the Ladies front and again in the W&D competitions – Janice Murgatroyd, Liz Temple and Lesley Brown managed a tight win over a Herts BC team by 18 to 15 shots.

The men didn’t fare as well in their encounter with Harperbury BC in the SADBA Jones Cup losing both home and away fixtures with a total shot tally of 26 to 41. Saturday and Sundays friendlies were a mixed affair, one win one loss – losing heavily against Little Gaddesden on their green but triumphing over Wing at home 73 – 63.

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