Aug 022017

The week’s adventures started with a trip to Chesham Pioneers BC; the result was a win for Berkhamsted though the shot count (42 – 17) didn’t reflect the standard of play, our top rink consisted of Sarah Marshall, P Mackness and D Sandford. The next challenge was the Dacorum Charity Shield v Potten End losing two rinks to one; the successful mixed rink was C Dunn, B Ralphs, J Cormack and K Maynard.

The Men’s team of P Mackness, S Burrell, B Ralphs K Clarke, B Livesey, D Sear, T Kenyon and D Brown didn’t fair any better in the Griffin Cup final losing out again to Potten End by the narrowest of margins 34 – 37. Finally a success came our way in  the friendly on Sunday against Dunstable top rink on this occasion contained M Maynard, N Codina, M Primo and B Smith.

Stop Press: On Sunday 30th July at Bishop’s Stortford Bowls Club Carole Dunn, Anne Furlong and Jackie Cormack became Hertfordshire Bowls Ladies Benevolent Triples Champions by beating a trio from Harpenden by 22 shots to 8.

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