Sep 052017

After winning her semi-final in the Watford & District Officers singles semi-final, Lesley Brown, went on to win the Final on Saturday after another exciting game against Jill Willis from Tring Bowls Club. The game was very hard fought over 25 ends and could have gone either way but Lesley eventually won 22 shots to 19.

In the morning Lesley’s husband, David, played in the Watford & District Men’s Pairs Finals with Kevin Clarke but did not fair so well by losing to David & Justin Horwood from Mill End. They lost by 1 shot on the last end, losing 17-18. But at least there was one winner in the Family.

In the friendly match against St Albans on the same day Berkhamsted had a comprehensive win against St. Albans, winning 86 – 53. Every rink won with a top rink of P Healy, Elizabeth Baker, Gill Howells and Mike Low. However it was not so good in the friendly against Aylesbury on Sunday when Berkhamsted lost 49 – 93, losing on every rink, mind you the weather did not help.

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