Jun 202016

A bad start to the week with a loss in a Friendly match away to Chesham Vale by 54 – 124. However things got rapidly better with a good win by the Men in the National Top Team against Herts by 4 matches to 1. The teams were Two Wood Singles- Dave Sear; Singles-Steve Burrell; Pairs-Paul Macness & Brian Ralphs; Triples- Nigel Eckhert, David Brown and Kevin Clarke; Four’s- Luke Swan, Eric Browitt, Peter Batchelor and Ken Maynard.

In the Tony Allcock over 60’s mixed doubles competition the two teams of Lesley Brown, Linda Ralphs, Terry Kenyon, David Brown and Carole Dunn, Brian Ralphs, Jackie Cormack, Wally Dunn narrowly beat two teams from Garston by 45 shots to 42 to progress to the Third round.

The week finished on a high with a good win in a Friendly match against Harperbury with a win for Berkhamsted, 123 – 108 shots, helped greatly by a top rink of Steve Burrell, Dianne Drew, Dave Sear and Jackie Cormack.

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