Jul 182016

Berkhamsted started the week well with a good win in the friendly match against Chessvale by winning 111 shots to 66. This was greatly helped by a top rink of Paul Mackness, Gill Howells and Pete Batchelor winning 30-8.

In the Ladies County League the team of Carole Dunn, Liz Baker, Linda Ralphs and Mary Clarke beat a team from Croxley Green by 26 shots to 14. Unfortunately David Brown and Kevin Clarke, after a good run in the County Pairs lost to a pair from Bishops Stortford.

David was not downcast for long as he then went on to progress to the quarter finals of the County Singles by beating a player from Mill End 21-16. It was a shame that in the Watford and District pairs David Brown and Kevin Clarke had to compete against a pair from their own club, Berkhamsted, which they ended up winning by 29 shots to 10.

The week finished up by Berkhamsted winning the two friendly matches against Herts and Amersham. They beat Herts Club 98-82 with a top rink of Carole Dunn, Geoff Drew and Steve Burrell and they beat Amersham 91 – 32 with a top team of Marion Maynard, Dave Drew and Ken Maynard.

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