Jun 192016

Our match against Harperbury on Saturday June 11th was used  to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday. The match dress was changed from the traditional week-end whites to Red, White and Blue. Harperbury fully entered into the spirit of the day and because they had a good number of players wanting to take part, the original match of 4 Mixed rinks was increased to 6.

The weather threatened to mar the day but the rain held off for most of the match and only interfered with the last ends of the match; clearly we were very fortunate. There were some ‘interesting’ creations which added to the fun and merriment of the afternoon. For the record the result of the match was a home win 123 – 108 but that didn’t matter – a great day was had by all!

Harperbury 12Harperbury 6Harperbury 16Harperbury 17

Harperbury 18 resizedHarperbury 9 resizedHarperbury 18























Harperbury 19

And there was some bowling under leaden skies!





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