Aug 052016

The Club is very pleased to be hosting a Mens County match this coming Saturday (August 6th) when Hertfordshire take on Wiltshire at 2.00 p.m.  We are hoping for warm, dry weather and a good attendance to see some quality bowling.

We want to put our best face on and the ‘Green’ and ‘Catering’ teams, led by David Brown and Carole Dunn, respectively have been hard at it to ensure that our visitors enjoy the facilities and welcome of our club.  We’ve even snapped David Brown on his knees, but the big question is why?

Brown Knees

Was he waging war on those pesky worms that always seem to pop up and deflect his otherwise perfect deliveries?

Was he looking for that five-p coin he dropped last winter?, or

Was he praying to Mecca for some divine help?

Apparently none of these – he has gone to great lengths to claim that he was attending to minor repairs on the green for this match – but what do you think?

Come along and ask him yourself!

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