Development Communication page


Developer Communication Page

The following is Developer information as part of the site re-vamp.

For a link to an alternative HOME page & some trial styling coding being developed follow this link

For a link to a page being constructed using the Elementor Page Builder plug-in follow this link (but it will need an explanation to appreciate how this page builder works!)

For a link to an new HOME page being developed using the Elementor PRO page builder plug-in click on this link.

For a link to a new post where the content has been developed using Elementor PRO but using one of the Suffusion default templates click here.  

For a link to an Archive framework structure page click on this text.

For a link to a trial of a Page containing excerpts of all of our posts (since the site began!) click on this text.  Currently exploring how this can be made more selective (i.e. to display a specific category of posts: e.g. Press, Social, Bridge etc).

Trial online contact form for membership renewal – to go to the Renewals page click Membership Renewal

Trial of links to Off-line prepared Google Docs Team Sheets

Click here to see the Team sheet for Kitcheners

Click here to see the  Team sheet for Aston Clinton

Trial of link to Rink Booking & Event Calendar

5th November –

12th November –

23rd November –

Trial Google Sheet version of Team Selection allowing viewers to confirm their selection (link follows)

Trial of a Mens Match confirmation using the contact form route – this would appear under a published Team sheet and be sent to the relevant Selection person/team.

Please confirm that you have seen the Team selection and are available by completing the following line and  clicking on the Send button

Your Name
Your Email
Seen & Available
Set up a dummy Fixture with a link

Fri 5 Nov  11:30  Bonfire Bash  Home 3MT

Trial IT survey form (with checkbox option, to see how it unfolds)

IT Survey Form

Full Name:

e-mail address:

Computing Equipment 
Mobile Phone
Software & Applications 
Word Processors
Internet Browser (select all that apply)
None ***** Chrome ***** Firefox ***** Edge ***** Internet Explorer ***** Safari *****
email attachments - can you save, edit and re-attach to emails?
Receive texts
Social Media (select all that apply)
None Facebook Twitter Instagram WhatsApp
Video calls/Conferencing (select all that apply)
None Skype Zoom MS Teams Google Meet
Frequency of UseHow often
Look at emails
Web Browsing (via any of PC, Tablet,Smart Phones)
Our Club's Website
Have you used  the online Rink Booking Calendar - to book a rink?
Are you aware that there is now an Internet Connection in the Clubhouse?
Do you have any preference for getting Club communications?
Would you use the Online Rink/Event Booking Calendar to sign up for Matches/Social Events after being shown instruction/guidance?


Please make any comments or observations in the box below:

Thank you for completing the form.

Please enter carefully the characters you see below to confirm that you are not a Robot(!) then click the Send button below.  Almost immediately, you should receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox that the form has been received by the Secretary.  Any problems/issues please contact Paul Sims (07900 638229) or



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