Captain & Vice-Captain’s Day


This is an Annual Event in which the Men’s and Ladies Captains and the Men’s and Ladies Vice-Captains select their teams from  the club members who have signed up for the day.  Exactly how they do this is not known but it may be just like picking teams in the school playground (can we all remember those days!). Depending on the numbers who have signed up for the day the matches are either Triples or Fours and the mode of the day is ‘friendly competitive’ in colorful dress pre-decided by the Captains.

Images from the 2016 Day can be viewed here.

2017:  The theme of this event was bright colours, as is evidenced in the brightly coloured photo below.

A combination of 4 Mixed Rinks and 3 Mixed Triples enjoyed a brilliant afternoon of fun and mildly competitive bowls ‘with a difference’ in very warm weather. The Vice Captains’ selection were marginally triumphant over the Captains’ selection – not that anybody really cared!!!!
Before ‘play’ started we held the usual Spider and for the second year running the Gin went to Tony Smart!!!  Brian Ralphs has captured the bowls moving in on the spider just after the start (it is there somewhere – perhaps we should have a ‘Spot the Spider’ competition!!!)
More images can be viewed by following this link

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