Mis-Match Murder Mystery 2019



A very successful and enjoyable evening largely due to the author: our own John Bell, the cast: John Bell, Anne Furlong, Jackie Healy, Alice Biggs, Elizabeth Baker, Andrew Reeve and Alan Parsons and Narrator Mary Clarke; the Set Designer Jackie Cormack who also provided an excellent meal for the full house of 60 and that audience who input their own occasional unsolicited contributions to enhance the convivial atmosphere.

Thanks also to Sylvia Smith, Alan Baker and Christine Sims for their valuable assistance during the evening and of course to Sheila Bell who organised yet another excellent evening in her Winter Activities programme; she’s set herself such a high standard that we are probably starting to take it for granted and failing to appreciate the tremendous amount of hard work and time that she puts into it; Christine Sims made sure that the audience was aware of this at the end of the evening.

It was of little surprise that the winning table included an ex police detective in their ranks – cries of fix do we hear!!!!!

Some images of the evening are portrayed in the gallery below.

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