Skittles League – Winter 2020


In a bid to help members well-being during these difficult times we have organised a ‘Covid Friendly’ Skittles Competition in the Clubhouse that will run over 6 weeks from 2nd November to 11th December.  Entrants have been organised into bubbles of maximum size 6 to play in specific daily sessions – see below.

Unfortunately the imposition of the countrywide lockdown from 4th November to 2nd December has necessitated the postponement of this event; it is hoped to start it as soon as possible once the restrictions have been eased.

L – signifies the Leader of the Session

Once the League is underway the entrant’s progressive Skittles scores throughout the weeks can be seen by clicking on this link.

In the meantime, below are some happy faces of a previous Skittles evening held early in 2020 – It would be good to see smiles like these again during these ‘challenging’ times.

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