Feb 212021

Web site - Re-design: Progress update

The aim is to present a consistent, more modern image to our web-site than that that was introduced when the web-site was re-designed in 2013.

For the time being the Suffusion theme has been retained and pages are to be constructed using Elementor page builder and our own templates (see below for an example).  

Image to the left has nothing to do with this text, but has reminded the Author of happier times in the Clubhouse!!

Placeholder for text to accompany the image to the left. 

‘Inner Sections’ Block Structure: 2 columns – 33:66 split (Can be adjusted in the  Structure part of the editing window)

The default text  is the uploaded ITC Franklin Gothic Book font, size 16 pt, weight 700 from the dropdown menu in typography.

Default Margins are 2% of block dimension (auto)

Default Padding is 2% of block dimensions (auto)

Borders left in to make identification easier – remove via Advanced/Border dropdown item

All these settings can be adjusted in the Advanced section of the Editing window

Full width Section follows

This section is a single column section (i.e. full page width) in order to demonstrate that  we can pick and vary different styles of block in a single page.  It is important to check the text colour & typography dropdown options in the Stryle tab and the various options for styling (Margins, Padding, Border etc) from the Advanced dropdown tab in the editing windows.



There may be conflicts between some of the Elementor styling and setting options and those that are in-built to the Suffusion theme.  Changes made in Elementor will by default override the host theme, with surprising and unexpected results – not all of which are good!!!

However being aware of this should prevent any heart attacks when viewing the displayed content!

Feb 142021

Super Six Skittles – Start Delayed – Covid 19

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Jan 062021

January 2021                             opinion piece

It looks like happy scenes like this to the left are not going to be repeated in our Clubhouse for some time soon.

All we can hope is that everybody does their bit to get the virus transmission down by obeying the social interaction rules, even if/when they have received their vaccinations.  The latter is not an individual’s magic passport to better times – the post author believes those times have to wait until nearly all of the adult population has been immunised.

Hopefully this will allow some form of Bowling to resume towards the end of April/early May.Facebooktwitter

Sep 302019

For the last friendly game of the season on the 19th of September Berkhamsted played Wendover Bowls Club away. It was an excellent day – the green played well and the weather was good. It was a close fought competition, but congratulations go to the winners Wendover by 82 shots to 103. Berkhamsted’ s top rink players were Jackie Healey, Dave Drew and skip Jackie Cormack. Captain for the day was Dagmar McKay.

On Sunday, the last day of the season, Berkhamsted held its traditional President’s day in which fourteen team of triples played three matches with points being accumulated for winning ends and matches. The winning team was Steve Burrell, Noreen Codina & John Bell who totalled a very impressive 37 points. The theme for the day was ‘Flora & Fauna’ and the spider contest raised money for Parkinsons.

A blend of new members, juniors, experienced bowlers and competition winners retired to the clubhouse after for a superb buffet laid on by the First Lady and her helpers providing a very successful end to a season in which Berkhamsted achieved a lot of success in the County & District competitions




The 2 Photo’s show Dave Sear in the best Flora & Fauna costume of the day, the other showing all the participants prior to the competition.Facebooktwitter

Sep 302019

On Friday Berkhamsted played Kings Langley in the Dacorum Charity Shield.  Although they have already won this Competition this season Berkhamsted beat them 4 Games to 1. The Ladies team of  Carol Dunn, Dagmar McKay, Kay Lingwood and Jackie Cormack won 27-22; The Men’s team of Bob Anderson, Bill Howells, Trefor Jenkins and Tony Howard won 35-13 (and were Top Rink) and the mixed team of Liz Baker, Sylvia Smith, Brian Ralphs and David Brown lost 15-22. However, Berkhamsted won overall by 77 shots  to 57 shots. Two Friendly games were also played and these teams were; Marion Maynard, Stuart Wesley, Steve Shearing and Ken Maynard who drew 20-20 and Eric Lloyd, Gill Howells, Alan Baker and Maurice Primo who unfortunately lost 18-22.

On Saturday a friendly match was played against Berkhamsted’s old rivals Kitcheners, from just down the road and Berkhamsted managed to win a game played on a lovely warm day by 82 shots to 69. The top team for Berkhamsted was Noreen Codina, Brian Smith, Sylvia Smith and Dave Sear.Facebooktwitter

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