Sep 102019

Berkhamsted Bowls Club held its Finals this weekend starting on Friday evening with the Semi-Finals of the Mixed Triples to determine the Finalists for Sunday Afternoon. There were 8 finals on Saturday and another 8 on Sunday and we were blessed with fine, if cool at times, weather. We were treated to some fine bowling and some close matches  on an excellently prepared green. Sarah Marshall, our blind bowler won her first club championship and then went on to win two more (aided by her directors; Liz Temple & Linda Ralphs).

The highlights included: The Men’s Singles between Kevin Clarke and Jack Bunting, The 2-Wood Men’s Singles between David Brown & Jack Bunting; The Highland Trophy Singles – where Tony Howard narrowly beat Brian Ralphs; The U19 Singles Final was a very high class match between the Bunting brothers with Jack beating younger brother Toby by 3 shots and lastly the Fours was decided with a last end winning shot – doesn’t come much closer than that!

The Results were as follows…..

Ladies Singles: Winner: Kay Lingwood; R/Up: Jackie Cormack; 

Men’s Singles Winner Kevin Clarke; R/Up: Jack Bunting;

Ladies 2-Wood Singles: Winner: Sarah Marshall; R/Up: Jackie Cormack; 

Men’s 2-Wood Singles: Winner: David Brown; R/Up: Jack Bunting; 

Highland Trophy Singles: Winner: Tony Howard; R/Up: Brian Ralphs; Handicap Singles: Winner: Kevin Clarke; R/Up: Bob Anderson;

Veterans Singles: Winner: Tony Howard; R/Up: David Sear;

Novice Singles: Winner: Linda Ralphs; R/Up: Eric Lloyd;

Newcomers Singles: Winner: John Bell; R/Up: Toby Bunting; 

U19 Singles: Winner: Jack Bunting; R/Up: Toby Bunting;

Ladies Pairs: Winners: Kay Lingwood & Sarah Marshall; R/Up: Anne Furlong & Jackie Cormack;

Men’s Pairs: Winners: David Brown & Bob Anderson; R/Up: Terry Kenyon & John Webb; 

Mixed Pairs: Winners: Jack Bunting & Sarah Marshall; R/Up: Anne Furlong & Tony Howard; 

Pedlow Trophy (Australian Pairs): Winners: Toby Bunting & Luke Swan; R/Up: Frank Cutting & Jackie Cormack; 

Mixed Triples: Winners: Peter Rowling, Jenny Carr & Bob Anderson; R/Up: Tom Presland, Tim Bailey & Noreen Codina; 

Mixed Fours: Winners: Liz Temple, Paul Shorne, Stephen Shearing; Gill Howells; R/Up: Steve Burrell, Lynn Kessler, Geoff Drew & Anne Cutting.

Finally a big thank you to all who helped make the weekend a resounding success – we love it when a plan comes together!


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