Jun 242019

On Thursday, Berkhamsted Men played Kitcheners in the Ray Cup Second Round at home and won overall by 3 shots, but they did not fare so well on Friday when they were well beaten in the Herts Team Ten Competition by Garston at Garston although there were some very close scores.

However the week finished on a high when they travelled to Welwyn Garden City to play Round 4 of the National Top Club.  It was arguably one of their best wins ever against a strong club, winning 4 Games to 1. The results were, Two Wood:  Tony Howard won 14-11; Singles:  Trefor Jenkins won 21-18; Pairs:  Steve Burrell and Kevin Clarke won 24-17, after trailing for most of the way, until the 16th end; Triples:  Brian Livesey, Brian Ralphs and David Brown won 18-14; Fours:  Dave Sear, Tony Smart, Bill Howells and Peter Rowling lost 14-20.

Berkhamsted enjoyed a good victory on Sunday when they defeated Kings Langley in the 3rd Round of the Tony Allcock Trophy. Carole Dunn, Anne Furlong, Trefor Jenkins and Tony Howard won by 20 – 13 and Janice Murgatroyd, Jackie Cormack, Kevin Clarke and David Brown won by 19 – 12 so they now progress to the 4th round.

To finish the week Berkhamsted played a friendly of 5 mixed triples against a team from Hemel Hempstead and won by 85 to 69.The top rink of Elizabeth Baker, John Webb and Alan Jones won by 20-12. Other rinks were Eric Lloyd, Gill Howells and Ken Maynard 18-12, Marion Maynard, Stuart Wesley and Bill Howells 16-14, Janet Spooner, Alan Baker and Gary Fisher 21-15, and Maurice Primo, Tom Presland and Tony Smart 10-16.


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