Jan 212015

As already mentioned on our facebook  page we are sorry to say our website hasn’t been fully updated as hoped due to our web administrator being away on business. Many pages have already been updated with subtle edits to keep them fresh and relevant but obviously the more observant will notice the larger stuff still has to done.

However we are pleased to say the calendar page is now working so all important playing and social events will be logged on here so you can see what is happening at our Club all this year. Some external information like District & County events may be logged on there as well.

Amongst some of the newer items will be a guide for new members struggling to understand some of the workings and procedures of our Club and bowls in general. This is written by Tom Presland who is a fairly new member himself and thought a beginners viewpoint would be handy.

As soon as we have the fixture lists sorted these will available on here. You will also see new slider pics on the front page, all the latest Comp stats and roll of  honour pages updated.

Thanks for your patience, in the meantime other exciting news we have will be posted here very soon.

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