Aug 122015

As this years Club Competitions are getting close to the latter stages we list all the games as they look at the semi final stage (except Triples & Fours, to be added at a later date). We will try to update the results on this website and our facebook page as the games are played


Mens Singles 

T. Kenyon v S. Burrell   – Sunday 30th Aug 10am

K. Clarke beat B. Howells

Finalist: K. Clarke


Ladies Singles

L. Temple beat A. Furlong

C. Dunn beat A. Cutting

Finalists: L. Temple v C. Dunn


Handicap Singles

K. Clarke beat J. Webb

T. Kenyon beat  J. Cormack

Finalists: K. Clarke v T. Kenyon


Mens 2 Wood

K. Clarke beat P. Mackness

S. Burrell beat T. Kenyon

Finalists: S. Burrell v K. Clarke


Ladies 2 Wood

M. Clarke beat L. Brown

J. Cormack beat A. Furlong

Finalists: M. Clarke v J. Cormack


Mens Pairs

B. Smith & D. Sandford v W. Dunn & B. Ralphs – Sun 30th Aug 2.30pm

K. Clarke & D. Brown beat S. Burrell & T. Perry

Finalist: K. Clarke & D. Brown


Ladies Pairs

L. Temple & L. Ralphs v C. Dunn & M. Clarke – Sat 29th Aug 2pm

Finalists: A. Furlong & J. Cormack


Mixed Pairs

L. Temple & T. Perry beat M. Clarke & K. Clarke

L. Brown & D. Brown v L. Ralphs & B. Ralphs – Sun 30th Aug 10am

Finalist: L. Temple & T. Perry



Finalists: R. Kessler, L. Baker, B. Howells v P. Sims, J. Jackson, B. Smith



Finalists: C. Sims, G. Fisher, B. Howells, T. Kenyon v T. Madden, A. Baker, G. Howells, K. Maynard



J. Webb v T. Kenyon – ?

S. Burrell beat B. Smith

Finalist: S. Burrell



G. Fisher beat P. Sims

L. Ralphs beat A. Jones

Finalists: G. Fisher v L. Ralphs



M. Primo beat B. Smith

D. Biggerstaff beat J. Cawley

Finalists: M. Primo v D. Biggerstaff



L. Swan beat D. Scoot

C. Webb beat F. Whale

Finalists: L. Swan v C. Webb




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