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PRESS REPORT Monday 15th July 2013

“Formidable Mary and the Berkhamsted Ladies”

Mary Clarke along with several other female bowlers of the Berkhamsted Club have enjoyed their best week yet in the W & D Ladies competitions.  Starting off with her singles match against Tring’s Lynda Boniface Mary had a convincing win; then partnering Carole Dunn, Anne Furlong and Jackie Cormack, Mary led the quartet to a successful conclusion playing in the Ladies League against Kings Langley Ladies.  Mary then paired up with Carole Dunn (again) this time in the W & D Pairs to compete against fellow Berkhamsted bowlers Lesley Brown and Janice Murgatroyd it was a close fought match ending in 1 shot victory for Mary and Carole.  Mary then turned her sights onto the W & D Triples competition, she teamed up with Anne Cutting and Mary Cave to play away at Cassiobury BC the result again went in the Berkhamsted teams favour quite comfortably. Then to cap it all off Mary teamed up with another two Berkhamsted members (Marion Maynard and Janet Jackson)to compete in the Potten End Ladies Triples Gala on Saturday unfortunately they were bested into second place.

Despite all this the Berkhamsted men were not to be out done they also had two pairs in the quarter finals of the W & D Pairs – David Brown / Kevin Clarke and Steve Burrell / Brian Smith, again it was a close fought match with Brown and Clarke edging out Burrell and Smith.With all these competitive matches going on Berkhamsted still managed to fit in two Friendly games as well –  Wednesday evening against Wingrave BC the heroic efforts of husband and wife team Marion and Ken Maynard with Jane Low were unable to stop an 87 shot to 75 defeat for the Berkhamsted team, but then on the hottest day of the season so far  Brian Smith, Eric Browitt and Derek Sandford led the Berkhamsted team to a 78 – 62 victory against Borehamwood BC.



PRESS REPORT Monday 8th July 2013

Carole Dunn, Anne Furlong and Jackie Cormack had a good start to their defence of the W & D Ladies Triples title by beating a team from Herts Club 30 shots to 10,  Anne and Jackie continued this good form when they had a convincing win in the W & D Pairs Competition beating a duo from Potten End by 11 shots.  In their W & D League / Friendly match against Owls the Berkhamsted Ladies team of Carole Dunn, Anne Furlong, Anne Cutting, Judy Kenyon, Marion Maynard, Joan Luther, Beryl Parsons and Liz Temple won on bothrinks.

Berkhamsted’s Club Friendly fixtures against Chessvale BC mid-week and Amersham BC over the weekend brought mixed results; Chessvale’s green proved to taxing for the Berkhamsted side losing on 4 of the 5 rinks played, It was only the herculean efforts of Bill Sharpling, Jean Greenfield, Dave Sear and skipper Maurice Primo winning 25 – 18 on their rink that brought any pride to the visitors. Then on Sunday Berkhamsted won on 3 of the 4 rinks played against visitors Amersham; perhaps it was the heat that the players had to contend with that led to the Home side winning 72 – 59, top rink consisted of 5 players (one player had to retire half way through) Anne Furlong, Anne Cutting, and Janet Jackson  were ably supported by Frank Furlong and Steve Burrell.


On the personal side; in their latest round of the W & D Pairs competition Steve Burrell and Brian Smith won through 18 – 13 after a thrilling game against close rival Kitchener’s Bowls Club.  Moving on to the two Club reports there was mixed results mid-week there was a 4 rink friendly against Chesham which saw  the efforts of Carole Dunn, Brian Ralphs, Allan Dann and John Webb help Berkhamsted to an 84 – 61 shot win, then on Sunday Berkhamsted travelled to played against local opposition Hazells of Aylesbury in a friendly triples match, this was a new fixture between the two clubs and despite losing narrowly Berkhamsted thoroughly enjoyed the fine hospitality and President Kevin commented on the superb facilities and continued by saying Berkhamsted was looking forward to their next encounter where they will really need to try harder.  Top rink for Berkhamsted included David Biggerstaff, Liz Temple and Kevin Clarke and their 21 shots to 12 efforts went a long way towards the final score of 82 – 95 in favour of the opposition.



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