May 122015

Last Friday saw the first week of the SKILLS LEAGUE getting lift off, glad to say 15 members had a go. All of them thought it was fun but a great challenge. It takes about forty minutes to do all six skills if your playing in pairs.

Feel free to have a look at the sheets to see what you have to do and once you want to post a score you have to have it witnessed by a playing partner who also fills in their name on the sheet. The old press box is now being used to put your completed score sheets in on top of the bookcase at the far end of the Clubhouse. The skills league score sheets are kept in the bottom draw of the stationery drawers by the main front door.

All scores will be transferred onto a laptop spreadsheet and run out each week for posting on the main notice board. There will be monthly winners and overall season winners. You must post a minimum of two scores each month to be in contention, a maximum of four is encouraged and acceptable.

Any queries please Kevin on 07841 371943

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